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SimPE Tutorials > SimPE Installation Manual - SimPE 0.60 and above
XanathonLink to postposted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 12:11 pm

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Since there are some prerequisites to the usage of SimPE besides the installation of the actual program and often users are a little overwhelmed by the installation process, with this document I try to provide a manual to ease things up a little.

I not only give hints for the setup of SimPE itself, but also of other neccessary components.

I will not write about secondary software you need - for example to create new objects (3D-modeller, UV-mappers or the like) - since those are covered elsewhere in detail. This manual focuses on the installation of SimPE and direct related tools only.

We are talking Windows here, folks, so if you are a Mac OS user I fear you have to look for information elsewhere. Sorry.

Please excuse my grammar, since english is not my native language, but I think information is of more weight here than orthography. :o)

The manual is in pdf-format, use the Adobe Acrobat Reader or the freeware Foxit Reader to view it.
simpe_installation_03.pdf (775.92 kb, 41362 downloads)
SimPE Installation Manual V0.3 - Version 0.60 and above 

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