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How to edit Lifetime Wants with SimPe, made as easy to understand as I could.

Please bear with me. I have never written a tutorial before, and I have a tendency to be very disorganized. I used version .58 to edit Kennedy Cox, and took screenshots of the process. When .60b came out I updated a bit. I have the images on Image shack now, but I couldn't hotlink to them. And trying to add them with the "add image" button didn't work quite right.


Thanks to Xanathon I found out what I was doing wrong when I tried to put the hotlinks in. They should work now. Well, I can get them to hotlink, but not to where they are supposed to go?



Step 1: Open the Neighborhood Browser. This will give you a screen to select your neighborhood. Select the neighborhood your sim is in. If your sim lives in a sub-hood (ie. Downtown, Bluewater, College, etc.) open the MAIN neighborhood, not the Sub-hood. I've circled the Neighborhood Browser button. You can also use Ctrl+Shift+N. Or you can find it in the Tools.




Step 2: There is a button labeled "Create Backup". Make use of it. ALWAYS make a backup! It is not only a wise precaution when editing, it can come in handy if your favorite sim got eaten by a bug or a bad download.


Backing up takes about as long as the game takes to save the neighborhood when you play. (Which makes sense, as it's doing the same thing really. It's just using a different file name.)

Step 3. Open the neighborhood when the backup is finished.


Step 4. Now wait. It takes a long time to open a neighborhood, so this is probably a good time to grab a snack, do some chores, or just pick up a good book. It will sometimes APPEAR to have finished loading BEFORE it really did finish which can cause a bit of frustration if you try to do anything too quickly. I once timed the entire loading process at 20 minutes for one of my neighborhoods.

 Wait until your screen looks something like this:


 Notice that both sides of the screen have data in them (and the plugin view is empty.) The disc access has also stopped. This means that it FINALLY finished loading!

Now it's time to open your sim.



Step 5. Open the Sim Browser. (You can use the button which I circled, find it in Tools, or Ctrl+Shift+S) Now wait a couple more minutes and you will get something like this:


It loads faster if you leave the boxes for NPCs and townies unchecked unless you are actually using them. As I am editing Kennedy Cox, Townies needs to be checked. I am not editing an NPC so that box is left alone.

Step 6. Click on the sim you wish to edit. Now you will finally have something in your plugin view.
Something I discovered by accident: While you are in the Sim Browser you can type a letter to cycle through all the listed sims whose name starts with that letter. (Due to too much time spent taking pictures in the game, I was trying to hit "c" to take a picture.) If you have a lot of sims, this can make finding the one you are looking for a little easier.


While you can open all the tabs if you are curious, the one you are interested in is the one at the end labeled "More" (You probably want to ignore "Relations" . It will have you reading your book again, which you will be doing soon enough anyway.)

Step 7. Click the "More" button. (circled in red)
This will open a new menu:


Step 8: Click on "Open "Wants & Fears"  (Now go grab your book again. To Quaxi's credit, the little icons which decorate the "Please Wait" banner to let you know that the system hasn't frozen are pretty cool, but it still takes a while to load. )

Now we end up -ALMOST- where we need to be. Notice on the right is a list of Want categories and on the left is a set of tabs for Wants, Fears, History, and Lifetime Wants. (History is mostly interesting trivia, as it doesn't seem possible to edit it and it isn't always accurate.) Wants, Fears, and Lifetime Wants are all current as of the last time the character was saved. You can edit the current wants and fears the same way that we will be editiing the Lifetime want, but if you give your character a want or fear that he wouldn't ordinarily roll on his own it will roll over to something else as soon as you get back into the game unless you lock it. (Which CAN corrupt your character. Experiments like that are another good reason to make sure you have made a backup first.)



Step 9: Click the Lifetime Wants tab, then highlight the icon in the box on the left. Now you will see something like this:



Kennedy Cox with 20 best friends?! With his personality, 20 Enemies is more likely to happen!

Step 10: When you click the icon for the Lifetime Want on the left, (where it is highlighted in the screenshot) it will open the display you see on the right. When you click one of the icons on the right, the icon on the left should change to reflect your selection. The GUID of the Want will also change to reflect the new selection.




Notice that the values in the lower right corner did not change. This leaves the new LTW looking rather silly.



Even when it is NOT job related.



I suppose SimPe may eventually automatically fix the values, but it's not too hard to fix them yourself.

Step 11: Select the LTW that you wish to have. If you have Expansion packs beyond University, there will be other listings for EP2 Lifetime, EP3 Lifetime, etc. You can also open those from this screen:


You just need to scroll down to EP2Lifetime to find the pleasure or grilled cheese lifetime wants, and EP3Lifetime for "Own 5 top level businesses"

Step 12: The actual EDITING part.

 When you have the LTW that you want showing in the left box, edit the boxes in the lower right hand corner. (This is also a good time to hit "Commit" as it's right there next to your cursor anyway. I don't know if it is mandatory, but I always do it.) You can even pick from a different section of the list, but if you pick a daily want as a Lifetime want it may not set the flag correctly and could mess up your character. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Even though it IS possible, I don't recommend giving your character any Lifetime Want that doesn't have a gold seal icon. But it's your game, your character, and your time to waste if you need to restore a backup.

The values you put in depend entirely on which LTW you are editing.
For Graduate $ Children from College, Marry off $ Children, Have $ Grandchildren, Have $ Best Friends, Have $ Lovers, Woohoo with $ different sims, Have $ first Dates, Have $ Dream Dates, Eat $ Grilled Cheese sandwiches, Max out $ skills, etc. what you need is just the number.

There should be nothing but 0x0000000 in the box at the bottom unless you are editing a career want. The box above it needs to be changed to reflect the value of the Lifetime Want. In this screenshot I am editing "Graduate Children from College" , so I changed the number to 6. (Later I found out that the game only requires 3 so I was making things twice as hard for poor Kennedy. Oops.)


Note that when your LTW involves earning money, the game usually calles for 100,000 simoleons. The game simplifies typing all those 0's by making your entry a multiple of 1,000. Therefore, if you are dealing with money, you only need to enter 100 in the "amount" box.

For some reason, "Reach Golden Anniversary" requires you to enter 10. 10 of WHAT, I don't know. But when I finally tracked down a sim who wanted to reach his Golden Anniversary, he had the number 10 in the amount box.
"Marry off 6 Children"

"Have 10 Grandchildren."  I posted this question in the Mod the Sims Forum to be sure I had remembered correctly and was told there is also
"Have 10 Children" There isn't an icon in SimPe for that one, but there is a daily want for having children which you can edit. My husband tried it and says it DOES work as a Lifetime Want. At least in our game. I'm making no guarantees about anyone else's game.

If you have OFB, The Lifetime want in the EP3 section may still be labeled with the GUID, but it is actually "Own 5 top level Businesses". You need to enter a "5" for the amount to be Game Consistent. It WILL show up properly in the game if the icon changed and it was successfully saved.

Dream Dates and First dates are 50.

Graduate Children is 3

Max out Skills is 7

Best friends, Lovers, & Woohoo with different sims are all 20

Grilled Cheese is 200

I do not have Pets, so I know absolutely nothing about what Lifetime Wants were added. I posted the question on the Mod The Sims Forums, and was told (Thank you Nora and Dorka) that they have added:

"Have 6 pets reach Top Career level" (Pets with careers?)

"Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens" and

"Have 20 simultaneous Pet best Friends"

If you are trying to reach the top of a career field, you do it a little bit differently. Select the icon as normal. All this really does is to establish that you are trying to reach the a given level of a career and give you a description in the game which reminds you which career uses the icon you chose. You still need to fill in the details. This requires you to enter data into BOTH boxes.


 First, enter "10" in the "amount" box. This causes you to be trying to reach level 10 of a career, but does NOT tell it which career you are trying for.

Now we need to enter a number into the lower box to tell it which career we are using. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to use the dropdown "value" box and select the career from the list. Unfortunately, some of the careers have two entries. The one you want is USUALLY the second one. I forgot to get a screenshot of this because I have taken to using the alternative method. The second way involves entering the GUID directly into the lower box. (The one under the "Amount" box.)

You can find the GUID of the Career in the sim description on the career tab of any adult sim who is in that career. It is helpful if the sim you are editing is in the career so you don't have to switch between sims, but it is not completely necessary. It DOES need to be an adult, though. Adult careers are completely different from Teen/Elder careers, and unfortunately reaching the top of a Teen/Elder career is not a normal Lifetime Want.


THIS is where you find the Career GUID.

NOTE: The GUID of the Career is NOT the GUID of the Want.
The number I've circled in purple at the top of the wants list is the GUID of the Want, and should NOT be entered anywhere else!



Note the Guid next to the career. Copy it. Now go back to the Wants and Fears tab of the sim you are editing. Select one of the Lifetime wants for "Become $JobTitle". Enter or Paste the Guid into the lower box in the corner. Set the level in the box above it to 10. Now your sim has a LTW to reach level 10 of the career you used. I have done this successfully with a large number of sims so far with no apparent problems. And yes, this also works if you have a custom career.




Step 13: Make sure the icon on the left still shows what you want it to. (Note that it is possible to check the box to lock a Lifetime want. DON'T DO IT!!! I'm not sure whether it was that or a conflicting hack, but the character I tried that with ended up not getting credit for filling his LTW. Fortunately it was fairly easy to remove part of a level of logic with SimPe, then let him Max out 7 skills again after removing the hack and unlocking the LTW. That time it worked.)

Step 14: Hit Commit again.

Step 15: Now go back to the Sim Description Tab.




tep 16: Hit Commit in the Sim Description tab, (I circled that one in blue) then

Step 17: Save.

One more thing which DOES work, although it looks a little silly. You can select a job icon which does not match the career you chose. This allows you to select something like Natural Scientist, Paranormal, or one of the custom careers. Make CERTAIN that you have the correct CAREER Guid. Paste it into the "Value" box, make sure you have the number 10 in the "amount" box, Commit, and Save.

Note that the GUID in the box on this screenshot is identical to the one from the career tab.




As you can see, the icon will be the one you selected, even if it is not the one that is used by the game. And if you click the icon in game to get more information about the Lifetime Want it will happily tell you that you need to run through the military to become a Celebrity Chef. Don't let it convince you to change jobs :) You still need to get to the top of the career whose GUID you entered, not the career the icon says you need. Hopefully you can remember which career you used, especially with the job title giving you a hint.

But if you don't let that bother you it DOES work. I have had sims reaching Permanant Platinum from getting to the top of the Death, Paranormal, Natural Scientist, Weird and Wacky, Time Travel, Assassin, and Clan Vampire careers. I also took to using that method rather than trying to determine which entry in the dropdown box was actually the one I wanted, and have had no problems so far. SimPe may still show "unknown" with a career and "Become $Job title" with a Lifetime Want for careers it can't read, but if the career was working in the game, then your edit will work as well and will show the actual title in the game.

As you may suspect, it is also possible to edit the fields to produce some rather silly effects like "reach level 1 of a career field", or "have 1 best friend." Some of those do work, some don't. One experiment trashed a neighborhood, so DO NOT experiment without a backup! You have been warned.

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