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GhostLink to postposted: Tue May 12, 2009 6:42 pm

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Legacy Nvidia DDS utility :


CEP: Did you miss that link at the top of the home page?


Net 2.0 (DO NOT install into Vista or any OS that is higher than that! You already have a compatible version of Net.)  Apparently you are going to have to do a Google search for Net 2.0 Framework Download because Microsoft has stopped carrying it.

Managed Direct X:


SimPe Debugging tools (Knowledge base page so you can get an overview of them. You probably don't need them, but I'm trying to keep the list complete.)


Knowledge base article and Download link for the Milkshape AniMesh exporter by Wes_h:


Photo Studio Templates:

        Requires SimPe

        Version 3.0 (6-1-2005)

        Just start the Setup Application


SimPe Base Careers:


      Requires SimPe

      Version 1.0 (26-3-2005)

      Copy the Files in this Archive to your SimPE\Data Folder and restart SimPE

      Additional note by Ghost: They are made by cloning the Science career. Therefore it will look like Science. And it will overwrite the original science career if you do not change the GUID. If you want to edit another Maxis career, you can go into advanced mode and clone the career you want to work with in Object Workshop. Of course, you will still need to change the GUID if you don't want the new one to overwrite the old one.





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