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quaxiLink to postposted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 12:07 pm
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SimPE contains some usefull Debugging Tools.  Some of them are part of regualr SimPe distributions (like the .NET Test), others were never available for the public.


Simply extract the attached archives, and copy the .exe  files into the SimPE installation Folder.





NET Test.7z (44.00 kb, 1479 downloads)
This Version of the .NET Test is (as opposed to the Version shipped with 0.60.1) able to display the .NET runtime Version. Which is Helpful if you need to determin which Version SImPE is using to run. 
CacheBrowser.7z (19.21 kb, 1384 downloads)
The cache browser is usefull if you need to know what SimPE is storing in its chache files, or if you simply want to delete some portions of the cache to force SimPE to reload only part of the cache. 
WrapperTest.7z (7.02 kb, 1597 downloads)
This litte too can be used to check the plugins shipped with SImPE. It will enumerate the wrappers, toolas and mesh im/exporters that are provided by a given .dll. It will also check the .dll for errors. 

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