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CarrigonLink to postposted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 12:11 pm

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The Hackdiff Scanner is found at MATY.  It is used to detect file changes when you install a new EP.  This is for global hack scanning.,3247.0.html

Make a folder, put hackdiff in it.  Put a copy of the old objects package in it and rename it OLDOBJECTS.PACKAGE.  Put a copy of the new objects package in it and name it NEWOBJECTS.PACKAGE.  Now go to your windows start menu, click start/all programs/accessories/Command Prompt.  Use the Dos Prompt box.  Navigate to your hackdiff directory by using the CD command.  (CD means change directory.  So you want to just do that till you are in the same folder as your hackdiff and package files.  Copy and paste the command line in and hit enter.  It should work.


Hack diff will make a diff.txt file for you.  You can then use it to scan individual files by doing the following:

To check one file you have made against the new diff.txt list, you must put the file in the same directory, copy and paste the line in, with your own package name in where it says hackfile.package.  Hit enter and it should work.
hackdiff -i diff.txt -f HACKFILE.PACKAGE

Hackdiff will tell you if the file has no changes since the last EP was installed, or if there are changes to the files.  It will give you group and instance numbers.  It's very helpful.

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