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Inge JonesLink to postposted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 3:25 pm

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If you are working on any code - whether enhancements to the SimPE core or plugins or other tools or config files that should be distributed with a SimPE release - then please start a thread here when you are planning to begin that work.  If you keep it updated with your progress and say when it is ready for testing or release, it will help the person who is responsible for making releases to know whether they should hold off a little while for your code to be finished or whether it's not yet working properly and should be excluded etc.   It will also stop anyone accidentally duplicating or undoing someone else's work!


While your task is ongoing, the thread will be stickied so that the project leader/s can see at a glance what work-in-progress needs to be taken into account, then after completion of work the thread will be unstickied.


Only members of the developers group will be allowed to post here.  If you feel you have a programming contribution to make to SimPE, please apply for membership of the group.

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